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Enrolling is Easy.

You choose! Enroll online, telephonically, or complete our paper forms.
Medicare guidelines allow enrollment into an MSA plan during two enrollment periods: Annual Enrollment Period (October 15 – December 7) and Initial Coverage Enrollment Period (for beneficiaries who are new to Medicare).
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Request Enrollment Kit

We can answer your questions, help you compare plan options, and give you information about how to enroll in the Lasso Healthcare MSA. Fill out the request form and we’ll send you a FREE Lasso Healthcare enrollment kitenrollment kit.

Need more information?
Here's two more ways to enroll:

By Phone

Our representatives can enroll you right over the phone

By Mail

Download, print, complete, sign, and mail an Lasso Healthcare enrollment kitenrollment kit.

Important: Your enrollment into the Lasso Healthcare MSA isn’t complete until the bank account is established. Federal regulations require Optum Financial to obtain, verify, and record information, including a social security number, that identifies each person who opens a new account. In some cases, applicants must go through a vetting process which requires additional information to be submitted before a bank account can be opened in their name. Optum Financial will notify you by email or letter if additional information is needed. Please read all correspondence from Optum Financial and follow the instructions provided. Failure to respond to a request for information may result in the denial of your enrollment. If you have received a vetting letter or have any problems with your Optum Financial account, please contact Optum Financial Customer Service.

Please note: due to Medicare guidelines, the time you have to set up your bank account may be less than Optum Financial’s noted deadline. Failure to respond to a request for information may result in the denial of your enrollment.