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Your money. Your choice.

Take control with a Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) from Lasso Healthcare.




$2,000 or $3,000

2023 Annual Deposit

No Network

No Referral

What is the Lasso Healthcare MSA?

A high-deductible health plan paired with a tax-advantaged savings account.

1 establish hight-deductable health plan

Establish high-deductible health plan AND medical savings account

2 lasso healthcare deposits money

We deposit money into your medical savings account

3 you use the monies to pay for your health care expenses

You use your MSA funds to pay for your health care expenses

4 plan pays for medicare-covered services

We pay for Medicare-covered services once you reach the deductible

How Far Does The Deposit Go?

Our annual deposit amount stretches farther than you might think, according to Medicare’s most frequently used procedure costs.

Existing Patient Doctor Visit

$22 - $148

New Patient Doctor Visit

$45 - $210

Joint Aspiration/Injection


Derm Biopsies

$68 - $114

Eye and Cataract

$104 - $656




$352 - $437

Emergency Room


Please note these are illustrative and may not be representative of the full and final cost. For additional procedures and costs, please refer to the Medicare Procedure Price Lookup tool available at (opens in new window)

Extra Perks with Our

Member Rewards Program

Three simple activities, three opportunities to earn. Get rewarded to manage your health with the Lasso Healthcare Rewards Program.

For you Health incentives
  • Complete a health survey, earn a reward
  • Share your member experience, earn a reward
  • See your medical provider, earn a reward

Top 10

MSA Features

  • A Medicare MSA is a high-deductible health plan and medical savings account.
  • By law, the MSA monthly premium is $0.
  • You can choose from any provider who accepts Medicare and agrees to see you.
  • The plan deposits money from Medicare into your medical savings account annually.
  • Earn extra perks with the Lasso Healthcare Rewards Program.
  • You can use the deposit to help pay the deductible.
  • Once your deductible is met, you pay nothing for Medicare Part A & Part B services.
  • If you're enrolled through December 31, any unused funds are yours to keep.
  • The funds are tax-free when you use them for IRS-deemed Qualified Medical Expenses.
  • MSAs can't offer prescription coverage, but you can choose any available Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) and use your funds toward co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles. The MSA can also be paired with limited benefit policies, like dental, vision, long-term care, HIPs/hospital indemnity plans, and more, to provide additional coverage.