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Lasso Plus HIP

Insurance with Financial Reassurance

Protect your budget from unexpected hospital costs

Hospital stays can be expensive, and can quickly extend beyond your budget. A hospital indemnity plan, or HIP, is an optional, supplemental policy that helps pay for covered hospitalizations. Combined with the Lasso Healthcare MSA, our HIP provides additional financial coverage of the MSA's member responsibility amount.

MSA + HIP = A Good Combo

Medicare MSAs and HIPs can be good complements to each other.

Let's consider an MSA...

Medicare A/B costs...
under deductible = member
above deductible = plan

MSA members are financially responsible for all costs until reaching their deductible amount. Then, the plan pays for 100% of any additional Medicare-covered expense.

That's a relief!

This gives members assurance that their financial responsibility for Medicare A/B services is capped at the plan deductible amount, should they be faced with a catastrophic health event.

Member Responsibility

Members can use the MSA deposit toward their health costs and deductible. They will need to use some out-of-pocket funds, too, in order to reach the deductible. We call that the member responsibility amount.

Supplemental Insurance

We encourage MSA members to plan for how they’ll cover their member responsibility amount before enrolling. It's usually a combination of income plus assets plus supplemental insurance policies, but can be different for each member.

Focus on healing
not on
figuring out finances

Finding out, in the midst of a major health event, that you lack the funds to cover the member responsibility portion can cause undue stress at an already stressful time.

Key Features of Our HIP

money icon

Cash Benefit Paid to You

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You Decide How to Use the Benefit Payment

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No Deductible to Meet

network icon

No Network of Providers

A HIP is a supplemental plan that can help pay hospitalization-related expenses, particularly those incurred prior to reaching the MSA deductible, in the member responsibility space.

Is Our HIP the Right Supplement?

With many supplemental insurance plans available, how do you know if a Lasso Plus HIP might be the right option? Consider your comfort in covering the MSA member responsibility amount, plus past and potential future hospital stays.

Your Hospital Stays in Past 12 Months + Your Likelihood of Hospital Stay During MSA Benefit Year

Able to cover the MSA member responsibility amount?


(HIP not likely to be financially beneficial)

Unable to cover the MSA member responsibility amount?


Three Unique Benefit Options

Most HIPs on the market pay a per diem, or set dollar amount per day of hospitalization. Our HIP pays the full benefit amount for each covered hospitalization stay, up to the maximum amounts.

Lasso Plus 4
  • Inpatient Benefit $4,000
  • Observation Benefit $1,000
  • Calendar Year Max $4,000
  • Policy Max $8,000
  • Monthly Premiums $56 - $111
Lasso Plus 5
  • Inpatient Benefit $5,000
  • Observation Benefit $1,250
  • Calendar Year Max $5,000
  • Policy Max $10,000
  • Monthly Premiums $70 - $139
Lasso Plus 6
  • Inpatient Benefit $6,000
  • Observation Benefit $1,500
  • Calendar Year Max $6,000
  • Policy Max $12,000
  • Monthly Premiums $84 - $167

How the Lasso Plus HIP Works

The benefit payment can be used to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses such as hospital or provider bills, recovery expenses or even day-to-day living expenses.

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claims form icon
benefit payment icon

Receive Care for a Covered Hospital Stay

Submit Completed Claim Form and Documentation

You Decide How to Use the Benefit Payment

Your policy remains in force with us as long as you pay your monthly premiums on time and have not exceeded your policy maximum benefit amount. Download a claim form.

Available in Many Locations

Lasso Healthcare Insurance Company currently offers HIPs in the dark shaded states below.

Lasso Healthcare Insurance Company HIP coverage map

Ready to Apply?

If you're enrolling online in the MSA, you'll have the option to apply online in a HIP. You can also use the dropdown below to print and mail a paper application. Or, call us at 1-800-918-2795 to enroll via phone.

It's HIP
to Be

It's HIP
to Be